Teen Rips Mans Balls Off During Fight After “Bad Day At Work”

Teenager Rips People’s Balls Off During Battle After “Terrible Trip To Work”

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Teen Rips People’s Balls Off During Fight After “Bad Day At Work”

A Louisiana teen is detained after presumably tearing the balls of another man who started a fight with him after a “bad trip to work.” Authorities state 18-year-old Corey Brown was not having the target’s BS as he chose a fight on new-year’s Eve and ended up
ripping the guy’s scrotum
during a scuffle. Yikes!

  1. The victim started the argument.

    Cranky after a bad trip to his work, the guy returned residence and engaged in a verbal altercation with Jones, which in turn escalated into a physical battle. It had been in this fight that target’s scrotum was actually torn, according to neighborhood news affiliate

  2. The prey will probably need stitches.

    So very bad was the harm inflicted by Jones that victim will require stitches and can probably have a long-term scar commemorating the fight.

  3. Its confusing whether Jones designed to result in this type of harm.

    Both males happened to be in an actual challenge so when you are wanting to overcome some one, you will cause damage in whatever way you’ll be able to to another person to get top of the hand. Perhaps Jones was merely wanting to win the fight?

  4. Jones was arrested after.

    According to research by the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office, Jones had been faced with home-based abuse electric battery with major actual damage and booked into eastern Baton Rouge Parish Prison. It is not clear if he had been given the opportunity to publish bail and/or if he had been capable. It is also unidentified when Jones are going to be seeing a judge.

  5. Important thing? Keep your terrible workday to yourself.

    Possibly you shouldn’t start battles with others because you had an awful trip to work. Work sucks for everyone and it is not only worth every penny. Performed the target need to have his golf balls ripped? No, nevertheless these the unexpected happens whenever guys begin tussling. You should not also bother!

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